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Ben Cullen Williams (b. 1988, London) work consists of installations, sculptures, photographs and films that aim to create an engagement with the phenomenological elements of the world around us - light, space, material and form. Furthermore, his work draws on a range of fabrication processes from physical to digital to understand our changing relationship to the world in an increasingly digitalised environment. It questions the relationship between the digital and physical and the new aesthetic that that interface is creating. 

His work aims to be outside of a socio-economic context, from a time bound narrative, and allowed to operate at a more direct sensory level, out of specific time and place, that the narrative may be suggestive rather than didactic.

Cullen Williams work operates on a range of scales from the hand-held to those of architectural proportions. His large scale installations aim to create affecting experiences for the viewer that alter their current psychological state. He does this through a careful manipulation of light, space and structure.

Lives and works in London

2011-2013 MA, Royal College of Art

2007-2011 MA, University of Edinburgh